The Man in My Life

I don’t know about you, but recently I have been realizing that I am chronically selfish! I am always thinking about me…what I want, what I need, what’s good for me. So naturally this carries into my prayer life. Most of the time im praying about things that concern ME. The other morning I found a link on Pinterest (my new addiction lol) to “25 Prayers for My Husband”(, and I was really convicted by the fact that I don’t pray for him like I should!! What kind of wife am I that I think to pray for myself MORE than I think to pray for him?! SO I am committing for the next 25 days to pray for one thing on the list every day in hopes that it will become more of a habit for me. This is just one step on my journey to become LESS SELFISH and MORE SELFLESS 🙂


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